Fabric wash Soyelle – single doses
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Fabric wash Soyelle – single doses

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Soyelle’s Fabric wash specially formulated for lingerie in single doses to wash easily your bra, your panty, your swimwear each day or to slip in the suitcase during a weekend. Easy and the really best way to care your fine washables.

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Fabric wash Soyelle – single doses

The Soyelle’s lingerie wash :

  • Fabric wash specially formulated for lingerie, hosiery, swimwear, silk, cachemirs, et….
  • Made in France
  • Phosphates free
  • Biodegradable
  • Site of production certificated ISO 14001 (environmental protection)
  • HAND and MACHINE washing

Delicately fragranced, Soyelle gently removes residues from previous washing and can prevent yellowing.

To try it, it’s to adopt it!

Such a joy to smell that freshly washed smell of clean laundry! Breathe in that smell of yesteryear when you open your cupboards. Close your eyes and experence that nostalgic childhood smell of home washing. And should you decide to store your Soyelle wash in your bathroom, it will diffuse its delicate perfume there too.

So, to extend the life of your favorite lingerie, your little silk tops, your cashemeres and your mohair jumpers : Soyelle! To enhance the appearance and texture of all your clothes (jeans, T-shirts, blankets, etc…).

SOYELLE again and again.

In single doses ; what a good idea!

To wash easily each day your bra, your pantie, your swimsuit in summer or, to put in your luggage for a trip.

  • single dose (1 piece)
  • berlingot (3 pieces)
  • in little box (3 pieces OR 1 piece + 1 washing bag)
  • in black doyepack (2 pieces)
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